Second graders share about Bay Farm

For this month’s issue, we are featuring submissions from six 2nd graders in Mrs. Kuttner’s Class. They wrote facts and opinions about Bay Farm School.

Lauren Yee: Let me tell you some facts and my opinions about Bay Farm School. There are about 13,000 books in the library, which is a lot of books! I think that Bay Farm’s books have good quality writing in them. Our principal is Ms. Freitas, and I think that she is nice. Two teachers that I know well are Ms. Hester and Ms. Kuttner. Ms. Hester’s favorite food is pasta. Mrs. Kuttner’s favorite jacket is her black pea-coat. She likes it because it’s warm but not too heavy. The lunchroom at our school has a stage. It is a BIG stage in my opinion. Now that I’ve told you about Bay Farm, how well do you know Bay Farm?IMG_2741 copy

Hannah Stevens: I’m going to tell you facts and my opinions about Bay Farm School. At our school there are 578 kids. One of my favorite classes at Bay Farm School is P.E. I really like P.E. because you get a lot of exercise and have fun. Two teachers I know well are Mrs. Kuttner and Mr. Nettles. Mrs. Kuttner’s favorite subject to teach is science. I think Mrs. Kuttner is a nice and hard-working teacher. Mr. Nettles has been teaching for 11 years. I wonder how many kids he’s met. I really like the art all around the school, it is very pretty. I think Bay Farm School is a great school, don’t you?

Lindsay Gilbert: It’s time to tell you some facts and my own opinions about Bay Farm School. We’re lucky that, so far, no cobras have ever attacked our school. It’s awesome we don’t have any cobras at our school. There are 75 students in second grade, Ms. Kuttner’s class being 25 of them, and me being one of the 25 students in her class. One day, our class went out to count all the trees throughout the school. We found that there are 146 trees on campus! We have awesome art projects at Bay Farm School. I think we made the best self-portraits in the world. There are so many cool things to learn. The school had three playgrounds. I only use the balance beam. There is a lot of equipment the school provides, but at recess I am almost always bored. We have 32 teachers in our school (not the principal). Teachers help us work and learn and grow just like in the Bay Farm School song.

SCHOOL copySydney Sumrock: Here are some facts and some of my opinions about Bay Farm School. We went around the whole campus and counted the trees, and it turns out there are 146. Isn’t that cool? It was really awesome counting the trees because it was fun going around the campus. Something else that’s cool is there are 578 kids in the whole school. Mrs. Clement’s favorite books right now are National Geographic: Weird But True! series. I think the best playground is the 2/3 playground. Bay Farm School is the best school I’ve ever gone to. I wish I had school every day.

Elise Bunger: I will now tell you some facts and my opinions about Bay Farm School. In fourth grade you get to do a project about the missions. You get to research the mission, go to the mission if possible, and create a project out of it. I got to go to a mission that my brother was researching. I know the name of two fifth grade teachers. They are Ms. Chaney and Ms. Myovich, and they work together in one classroom.  Mrs. Harvey is on my list of my favorite teachers. I think my music teacher, Mrs. Bonnie, is the best music teacher in the world. She chooses the most interesting songs, and I like them a lot. They can teach us important life lessons. In my class I have a second favorite thing: Art. Art is totally awesome! My favorite piece of art was torn paper landscapes. I think jewels on our skull pictures look beautiful. Story time is also one of my favorite times. I like it. We read good books I think we have the best books ever. My favorite book is Interrupting Chicken. My teacher chose Rick Ricotta’s Mighty Robot. I think storytime can teach us lessons. It is awesomely amazing. One of my other favorite subjects is Science. I love it because we learn stuff and we understand the world more with magnets, gas, liquids, solids. Science is a chance to learn. It is amazingly cool. I think we have learned a lot from science. It is very exciting. Yay! I also know the name of a six grader who goes to Bay Farm. His name is Albert and he is very nice. I love Bay Farm School!IMG_2739 copy

Ethan Ha: Here are some facts and some opinions of mine about Bay Farm School. There are 578 students at Bay Farm School, which is a lot of students! I think P.E. and Music is cool. There are 31 students in Mr. Anderson’s class. I like the school lunch because, on Friday, there is a choice of pizza on the menu. One thing I didn’t know about the school until now is that we have 146 trees in the school.  I like the 2/3 yard because there is stuff to do. I think Bay Farm School is the best school.

Levi Serrano: Let me tell you the facts and my opinions about Bay Farm School. There are 26 classrooms and 32 teachers in this school. I think we should have more recess! And, there are too many trees here because balls can get stuck in them. I think there should be more garden time because I sometimes like garden. In Mr. Nettles’s class, Callan is the hardest-working student. Now you know some facts and my opinions about Bay Farm School.


Thanks to Mrs. Kuttner and her second graders for their submissions. Want to submit an article of your own? See how here. Looking for ideas on what to write about? Here’s a suggestion: What have you learned at Bay Farm School this year, and how will you put this knowledge to use?