Patriots Win Super Bowl 49 with only seconds left

By staff writers Kyle Wonzen and Justin Wong

Yelling, cheering, screaming. The 49th Super Bowl was considered by some the most exciting Super Bowl of all time!

It was the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks, arguably the best two teams in the NFL. The game started with the Patriots receiving. In the first quarter, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was off to a great start with small quick completions, but then threw an untimely interception in the red zone.

In the second quarter, New England scored an 11-yard touchdown. But Seattle was coming back strong, and almost near the end of the second half at the two-minute mark, the Seahawks threw a 44-yard pass to Chris Matthews, his first catch of the season.

The next couple of downs later they scored, but the Patriots made quick work of their two minutes. At the 0:31 mark, they scored a great 22-yard touchdown. At halftime the score was 14-14.

The third quarter was one-sided, Seattle scored six points from two field goals. In the middle of the fourth quarter, the Pats scored a touchdown, making the score 21-24, New England.

The Seahawks weren’t backing down, though. They used their possession to score another touchdown, going up 28-24. When the Patriots got the ball back, they scored another touchdown, setting up an exhilarating ending. Down by four, two minutes left, the Seahawks were looking to win with the ball and control in their hands. One minute in, Seattle made a great play off of Jermain Kearse’s foot and chest for a 33-yard completion. Marshawn Lynch rushed to the one-yard line. It looked set, the Seahawks just had to get the ball in the end zone with three plays.

Superbowl 3“Set Hut, Hut!” Russell Wilson hikes the ball and throws right into the arms of Malcolm Butler, the Patriots rookie, with 26 seconds left. IT’S OVER, the New England Patriots won! The Super Bowl MVP (most valuable player) Tom Brady made his speech and drives home with a new Chevrolet Colorado and MVP trophy.