Ukulele Club turns in finely tuned performances

By staff writer Luke Wonzen

The Ukulele Club at BFMS has nine members, three mentors, and an amazing sound.

Photo by teacher Bonnie Nelson-Duffey

Photo by teacher Bonnie Nelson-Duffey

Eighth-grader Emily Rutherford, and sixth-graders Zelinda Strell, Waverley Achacoso, Mia Trancoso, Addy Chaney, Olivia Liuson, Anna Leong, Ella Hildalgo, and Grace Wasson are the members, mentored by teachers Lori Oducayen and Bonnie Nelson-Duffey, and parent Barbie Wong. Their most recent performance was at the Bay Farm Middle School Talent Show, where they played songs including Surfin’ USA and Down on the Corner.

The Ukulele Club formed a few years ago, when Mrs. Oducayen and students decided they wanted more time to practice the ukulele and perform.

Mrs. Wong, the resident ukulele teacher in Bay Farm’s music classes, saw the opportunity and got in on the action.

The Ukulele Club is growing rapidly, and not just in members. Their sound is even more finely tuned than before and their future is looking bright.