Welcome to Bay Farm’s new middle school newspaper

By Rowan Esquer, Editor-in-Chief

Hello, Dolphin Tail readers! I’m the editor-in-chief of this online newspaper, and I want to welcome you to our new middle school paper!

In this club, we run like a professional newspaper company. We have assigned reporters who write up our stories. When the reporters finish their story, they hand them in to our student editors. The editors run each section of the newspaper, like the Sports section, or the Features section. Once the editors look over the stories, the copy editor and I give them a final look-over before they are published.

I would encourage any and all students at Bay Farm who have an idea for a story to approach me, or any of the Dolphin Tail staff. We will listen to anyone, and, who knows? Maybe your idea will be published! After all, this online newspaper is for you!

I hope you enjoy this first issue of The Dolphin Tail, and all the ones to come!


By Babs Freitas, Bay Farm Principal

Bay Farm Students,

I am so excited to welcome The Dolphin Tail student newspaper! It is one of the most professional newspapers that I have ever seen created by students and is definitely something to be proud of. The talented staff, led by our own editor-in-chief, Rowan Esquer, has given every student the opportunity to have a voice, or share his or her talents with the entire community at Bay Farm School. I hope that each of you takes advantage of this wonderful venue for creative voice!

Based on this landmark 1st edition, I can’t wait to read and see more great news articles about student life at Bay Farm!