Minecraft Club members release their creative side

By staff writer Rowan Esquer

Since the start of the year, students and teachers have started many clubs, one of which is The Steves — otherwise known as the Minecraft Club.

Photo by Rowan Esquer

Photo by Rowan Esquer

The club was started by eighth-grader Gabe Manibusan, who is now the president. Other officers include a secretary, treasurer, training leader, and vice president.

Every Wednesday, a group of middle school students get together to play the popular pixilated game. The Steves explore new lands while releasing their creative side. In the game, players can build anything they wish. Students build dream castles, forts, and much more. Their imagination is the limit!

When players get together, they can connect with each other, learn from each other, and exchange creative ideas.

The club is held every Wednesday at lunch in Ms. Linderme’s class, room P09. Drop by if you want to see the club in action!

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