Leadership holds first-ever elections this week

By staff writers Kyle Wonzen and Justin Wong

Student government elections are happening this week in the Bay Farm middle school program, and many students are running to be a part of the new leadership experience.

“I like politics and want to try a new experience,” said seventh-grader Jay Bond, who is running for vice president.

There are six positions open, including president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, events coordinator and sergeant-at-arms. The president will officiate meetings and control executive decisions. The candidates for president are eighth-graders Ethan Muon and Kyle Yannantuono.

The vice president will step in for the president when necessary, and help the president with his or her duties. Running for vice president are Bond, and sixth-graders Khai-Ly Tran, Mia Bazo, Zoe Spencer and Anna Leong.

The secretary will take notes on meetings, organize projects and hold important documents. Running for secretary are sixth-graders Albert Le and Sarah Leong.

The treasurer will be in charge of the capital and make sure it is spent wisely. The candidates for treasurer are sixth-graders Ethan Wong and Haleyn Manibusan.

The events coordinator will organize and plan fun events. Running for events coordinator are eight-graders Emily Rutherford and Ryan Ong.

Finally, the sergeant-at-arms will be an officer who keeps order at meetings. Seventh-grader Luke Wonzen is running for this position.

A large part of winning an election is campaigning. Some candidates are putting up posters, spreading the world orally, handing out flyers and giving out bracelets and buttons. In order to get the votes they want, they have to give a speech of at least two minutes stating what they will do to improve Bay Farm School and especially its middle school program.

“I want to improve the middle school and give the middle schoolers a fun and memorable experience,” said presidential candidate Yannantuono. Others, like Wong, who is running for treasurer, are more specific. “I would like to improve the school and help buy new equipment and support new events for the school,” he said.

The student government is a new experiment that is sure to improve the middle school student experience at Bay Farm.