8th graders preparing for a trip to the nation’s capitol

By staff writer Emily Rutherford

Bay Farm eighth-graders are heading somewhere pretty special this Spring Break. If you’re thinking  “White House,” you guessed it: Washington, D.C.!

During this five-day trip, students will take a red-eye flight to Washington, D.C., where they’ll visit the Smithsonian, tour memorials and Arlington National Cemetery, and visit other landmarks such as Mount Vernon, the Supreme Court and Capitol Hill.

Then the students will head to New York, where they’ll visit the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the 9/11 Memorial and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They’ll even see a Broadway play!

Because Bay Farm is a small school, our students will tour with another graduating class from somewhere else in the United States. Bay Farm teachers and parents are already planning ways to raise money to help pay for the trip.

Many details are still undetermined, but the eighth-graders are excited nonetheless for their big expedition. They will have five tiring, but exciting, days sure to be filled with adventure, history, and new friends.  This “field trip” looks like it will be an amazing experience.