Bay Farm alumni keep things rockin’

By staff advisor Joni Reynolds

In 1999, Scott Roeder was a sixth grader in my classroom, whose biggest challenge was to get his Egypt map in on time. In 2005, Winton Fong was a third grader in Mrs. Fong’s class, busy learning cursive and working on his endangered animal report.

On Nov. 20, they will be back in their old Multipurpose Room helping to make our year’s first dance an event to remember!  Scott, a professional photographer, has offered to bring his photo booth and props, and Winton, a professional DJ, will be providing the perfect music sets to keep the 6th – 8th graders out on the floor!

Both Scott and Winton remember the dances they went to fondly, and are thrilled to be able to bring their talents back to Bay Farm for a new generation of middle schoolers.

“I remember the nachos and working in the snack bar”, recalls Scott, who now spends his time photographing weddings and corporate events, among other things.  “My favorite part of every dance was jumping up onto the tables to do YMCA!”  (He was bummed to learn that we can no longer do this!)

Winton’s love of music and breakdancing has led to a career as a local DJ.  He and his brother Calvin, also a former Bay Farm student, were recently asked to DJ a Lincoln dance.  When asked if he preferred one gig to another, he got a big grin on his face and admitted that he is a huge fan of our Bay Farm dances.  “There is always a great vibe here at Bay Farm.  The kids always seem glad to be here and know how to have a good time!” said Winton.

As a staff member who has been here at Bay Farm since just after its opening almost 22 years ago, my greatest joy will always be seeing “our kids” grow up, come back to visit, and be a part of our program.  I really appreciate them both for bringing their special talents “back home”!  I can’t wait to jump into that photo booth and onto the dance floor to make new memories with ALL of my kids… both current and former!